Count Every Vote! Maryland Pledge

I agree to:

  1. Vote and publicly encourage my constituents to vote.
  2. Insist on counting of all lawful ballots under applicable state law before agreeing that election results are legitimate.
  3. Inform my constituents that I will take all measures available to me to contest any results that do not include the counting of all lawful votes.
  4. Publicly support people who peaceably demonstrate in favor of all votes being counted.
  5. Insist on a peaceful transfer of power if a complete and legal vote count requires it.



  • Jamie Raskin, U.S. Representative
  • Brian J. Feldman, State Senator
  • Guy J. Guzzone, State Senator
  • Antonio Hayes, State Senator
  • Shelly Hettleman, State Senator
  • Clarence K. Lam, State Senator
  • Susan Lee, State Senator
  • Douglas J. J. Peters, State Senator
  • Paul Pinsky, State Senator
  • Cory McCray, State Senator
  • Jeff Waldstreicher, State Senator
  • Mary Washington, State Senator
  • Chris West, State Senator
  • Ronald Young, State Senator
  • Heather Bagnall, Delegate
  • Lorig Charkoudian, Delegate
  • Kathleen Dumais, Delegate
  • Eric Ebersole, Delegate
  • Jessica Feldmark, Delegate
  • David Fraser-Hidalgo, Delegate
  • Michele Guyton, Delegate
  • Dana Jones, Delegate
  • Anne Kaiser, Delegate
  • Ariana Kelly, Delegate
  • Marc Korman, Delegate
  • Mary Lehman, Delegate
  • Sara Love, Delegate
  • Eric Luedtke, Delegate
  • Maggie McIntosh, Delegate
  • David Moon, Delegate
  • Julie Palakovich Carr, Delegate
  • Pamela Queen, Delegate
  • Sheila Ruth, Delegate
  • Jared Solomon, Delegate
  • Vaughn Stewart, Delegate
  • Jen Terrasa, Delegate
  • Nicole Williams, Delegate
  • Karen Lewis Young, Delegate
  • Gavin Buckley, Mayor of Annapolis
  • Colin Byrd, Mayor of Greenbelt
  • Michael C. O'Connor, Mayor of Frederick
  • Kate Stewart, Mayor of Takoma Park
  • Byron Macfarlane, Register of Wills for Howard County
  • Wayne Robey, Clerk, Circuit Court Howard County
  • Steuart Pittman, Ann Arundel County Executive
  • Brandon Scott, Baltimore City Council President
  • Jessica Fitzwater, Frederick County Council
  • Deb Jung, Howard County Council
  • Evan Glass, Montgomery County Council
  • Kai Hagen, Frederick County Council
  • Leta Mach, Greenbelt Council Member
  • Nancy Navarro, Montgomery County Council
  • Hans Riemer, Montgomery County Council
  • Lisa Rodvien, Anne Arundel County Council
  • Jan Gardner, Frederick County Executive
  • Donna Kuzemchak, Alderwoman, Frederick